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Who is the Quantum Soul Mechanic?


  Holly Holmberg is an intuitive heart centered breakthrough specialist, she helps conscious souls uncover their life purpose and transform their mindset so they can create the health, wealth and relationships to change their world!

  She is an international keynote speaker for clinical aromatherapy and heart centered personal and business growth.  A retired registered massage therapist, certified equine massage therapist, clinical Aromatherapist (animal and human) of 20 years, Reiki Master, Tong Ren practitioner, Canadian Navy Veteran, former Olympic level Biathlete and

contributing author to the number one international best selling book “Sacred Hearts Rising” volume 1. 

  Holly’s “in the trenches” style teaches others how to use their life experiences to find their power within and focus on where they are going to, not what they are going through.

What we offer:

Quantum Soul Session: 

Using primordial energy, essential oils and crystals to re-calibrate vibrational energy of all life forms and connect them to their specific thread.

Some of what is possible:

~ Assist newly awakened souls see through the noise, confusion and reconnect to their path. 

~ Assist older souls and healers reconnect with their path, clear build ups of unwanted energies, transcend into higher levels of being.

~ Awaken souls who are ready but have no idea where to begin.

~ Aid in establishing clearer communication with other dimensions that you work with.

Aromatherapy Education, Products and Supplies:

     Essential oils, therapeutic and metaphysical blends, body care, workshops, retreats, lectures.

Speaker and Workshop:

   Holly’s "in the trenches" speaking and coaching style teaches others how to use their  life experiences to find their Power Within and focus on where they are  going to, not what they have been or are currently going through. 

Time Trusted

For over 20 years Holly has assisted in helping her clients with their personal mental, physical and soul health and wellness.    Contact to us today and lets discuss how Holly can best assist you, book her for a workshop or as a keynote speaker for your event.


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